The Zestful Bride Wedding Chronicles

One of the biggest days of my life so far, my wedding day, has come and gone! My hubby and I were dating over three years when he had proposed to me on our trip to Disney World in 2011. It was a surprise (because I had snooped through his suitcase before we left and I didn’t see a ring!) and not a surprise at the same time since we talked about marriage from very early on in our relationship. When you are an unemployed graduate school graduate living at home with your parents, money is extremely tight,  but after the death of my grandfather I desperately needed something to take my mind from my woes and the wedding planning ensued!

One thing I knew I wanted for our wedding was a surprise wedding dance. I have been dancing my whole life  from toddlerville through college (the most recent venture was dragging my unfortunate husband and friends to  ballroom classes). I also come from an EXTREMELY musical family and I’m a choir  kid as well.

So, really, the dance was just in the cards.

Through my research of what others had done for their surprise wedding dances, I found some gems! These truly make my soul happy! Here are a few of my favorites because of their song choice, their uniqueness, and their ENERGY. And for those of you who want to see the finished product, here is my bridal party’s (I’m a proud momma!) 

I was passionate about kick-starting our life together with a zestful, uninhabited show of joy and our dance definitely did that!

Now, on to the Adina and Gem surprise dance gems!

I love me some Bieber!   

Like I said, I am a choir dork, having been in many choirs and the opera company in college. So, while this isn’t a surprise DANCE, it was definitely a surprise…

Just gets better and better!

And last, but not least, a father daughter surprise dance 



Too Busy for Hobbies

I hate having so much going on that there is no time for things I enjoy to do. I feel like I haven’t read a book in 2 months which is unHEARD of for me. On the flip side, in the midst of this busyness, I made a Little Mermaid cake for my best friend on her birthday in November, a video game controller cake for my fiance, and made (and mastered!!! — okay, I lied, more like ‘got better at’) a crystal ball necklace.

What have I been doing if not jewelry making? My best friend and I have been writing a book since July and have it almost completed! Next stop will be editing and sending out query letters, which for all intensive purposes, are basically letters of intent explaining what the book is about and who may be interested in reading it.

I officially completed my VISION BOARD for 2012. What are my main hopes for 2012? Health, love and happiness, and money. Pretty basic but I definitely need to focus on those things to bring them to fruition. It was a rough 2011 and 2012 needs to pick up 2011’s slack.

I have also been job applying which has not been going as smoothly as I would like. Here are some things I have loosely been working on… can be found on etsy 🙂



Bursting at the Seams

It’s been years, perhaps, dare I say it?, a DECADE since I have felt so creatively motivated. Everything I see is a canvas waiting to be touched, painted, carved, sewn. Driving down the road I see chairs I want to re-purpose, cabinets I want to paint.  I want to do it all and I don’t know where to start.

I’m toying with the idea of having a sketch a day journal. I definitely need another outlet for creativity (even though I have a surprising amount right now, even for me). I haven’t really drawn in years, but maybe I could start by drawing a scene from each day that stands out. I keep thinking about how amazing it would be to have a years worth- 365 days- of pictures to go through.

On a side note, it’s definitely time for bed. I am exhausted from a full day of bills/phone calls/and other nonsense.