So J and I went to show our wares at the local craft show! While I can’t say getting ready for this show was EASY, I can definitely say this show was easier last time. Last time my poor man was sitting there until almost 3 am helping me price everything and make business cards (each one..individually.. ahhh!!!). This time were only up until about 1:30 loading up the car and making sure everything would be perfect for the morning. (This is probably where I should include I forgot my change so he had to be sent out last minute during the show to the bank– thanks babe!– but I’m not going to!)

There was a small incident when it came to parking and unloading (some people were parking, hanging out/drinking coffee/schmoozing, then unloading) I drove [terrified] through fields of pedestrians and trees without hitting a single one! The morning was crisp and cool and a sure sign autumn was on it’s way. Wind was blowing so hard on our tiny blue tent, J’s nerves were rattling her. So innovative, we were clamping up the sides to make the tent more aerodynamic, and J was wrapping rope around scissors and hacking into the ground to secure it. I wish I took pictures! It was quite the scene. We met some great people and had a lot of fun.

Here are some fancy schmancy pictures my friend Christina took. (These are after J already left, so the table became very condensed and I started packing up!  it was just a few of us hanging out waiting for the show to start closing up)


I can’t wait for the next show!

Craft Show, Pictures

Craft Show Fun


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